What AdFed is all about...

AdFed is comprised of the advertising professionals in central Minnesota. Designers, illustrators, advertising agencies, multimedia specialists and in-house designers all compete for state honors with the opportunity to advance to Nationals.

College student's work is judged by professionals in the field. All the work is identified only on the back and is not revealed until the judging is completed.

Addy Awards are given to the top 15% of the work. Silver Awards are given to the top 30%.

Student's work is seen by all the professionals in the region and has become a primary employment and networking tool.


G Gold Addy S Silver Certificate
Amy Gambrino S
Christianna Poland S
Sarah Bruemmer S
Sabrina Andersen S
Matt Chevalier SSSS GG
Dan Wrobleski S
Teresa Clark S G
Katie Shackmann S G
Joanna Halstrom SS GGGGGG
Alexandra Buss SS
Kendall Tvrdik S
Cathy Behrens SSSS GG
Ryan Roers S
Rebecca Hopfner G
Andi Stowe SS GG
Antonio Rodriguez SSSS G
Rachel Bjork S G
Tracy Paulson G
Kim Becker S
Jacinda Schweitzer G
Naomi Bjorklund S G
Alex Tech...
17 Silver Awards 20 Gold Awards
Other Colleges combined...
17 Silver Awards 11 Gold Awards & JCs

All images produced by ATCC Communication Art Students

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