Alexandria Area High School Students

AAHS students have an opportunity to work toward completing:

  • Individual courses to transfer toward their future college and/or program major
  • 40 credit MN Transfer Curriculum package
  • 60 credit Liberal Arts & Sciences Associate in Arts degree
  • ATCC technical courses or programs (depending on HS graduation requirements and course/program requirements)

The advantages of PSEO include:

  • Free tuition and books (save time and money)
  • Assistance and advising with career and educational planning
  • Possibility of earning an associates degree while still in high school
  • Can attend part-time (as little as one class) or full-time
  • Can take classes online or on campus

How to Apply

  • Start planning early. Meet with your high school counselor to discuss your intent to enroll as a PSEO student.
  • Please complete the application packet including:
    • Complete Part 1 of the Notice of Student Registration Form. Your high school completes Part 2 of this form.
    • Have your high school counselor complete the AAHS/PSEO Planning Guide.
    • Complete and sign the MnSCU College Application.
  • Obtain a copy of your official high school transcript.
  • Turn in the completed application packet along with your high school transcript to:

    PSEO Program
    Alexandria Technical & Community College
    1601 Jefferson Street
    Alexandria MN 56308

When your completed application packet is received, you will be contacted by the college to complete the process for acceptance into the PSEO program.

If you have any questions about completing the application process, please call or email the PSEO Office at 320-762-4545 or