Medical Transcriptionist/Editor

Program Focus

This medical program prepares students for a variety of health information and administrative support staff roles in the healthcare field. In the Medical Administrative Specialist program, students benefit from advanced computer, technical, and general education courses. To achieve the degree, students also work with a medical office mentor in a unique capstone course. The transcription and editing program provides an up-to-date perspective on patient documentation for the electronic healthcare record. Students transcribe traditional dictation as well as develop the editing skills necessary to ensure document quality with voice generated technologies.

In addition to office and computer skills, today's fast-paced, high-tech medical facilities require knowledge of anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, disease processes, and pharmacology. Skills in communications, scheduling, transcription, coding, health information, insurance claim submission, and billing and collections are also critical.

The program stresses the importance of confidentiality, accuracy, and productivity in the medical environment. Students gather and process patient data using both traditional and electronic records. Rapid technological development is requiring medical office support staff to be proficient in word processing, spreadsheets, databases, and time management software while also having experience with digital dictation, voice recognition, electronic coding, and networking technologies. A laptop computer, leased from the college, is required.

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Individuals considering the Medical Transcriptionist/Editor certificate program should have a strong interest in the health care field and a desire to share the excitement and challenges of transition to electronic health records in the health information industry.