Effective Time Management

Perhaps the first problem a college student encounters is that of managing time well. To guide you in budgeting your time, this session will

  • Discuss methods of scheduling time:
    • Daily Schedules,
    • Weekly Schedules,
    • Monthly/Semester Schedules.

  • Highlight principles for successful time management.
  • Discuss techniques for focusing attention and concentrating during time set aside for studying.

Test Yourself

T F 1. Since you usually know what you must accomplish in a given day, it is not necessary to write down your list of things to do.
T F 2. You probably should not write a time plan for an entire semester since you do not know specifically what you must do five or six weeks into the semester.
T F 3. Since little can be accomplished in three to five minutes, it is best to visit and relax with your friends before a demanding class begins.

Managing your time is a skill that directly affects your success here at Alexandria Technical & Community College. It also determines whether college becomes a nightmare of pressures, deadlines, and overdue assignments, or an enjoyable experience in which you work hard and also have time for fun and a social life.

Keep A Time Inventory

Record how you spend your time for one week. Record time in class, time on the job if you are working, time spent studying, time spent commuting, time spent eating, time spent with your family, and time spent "goofing off."

You will see certain patterns of time usage, and you can begin to question how you use your time and the priorities you place on your time usage; for instance, have you set aside enough time for studying?