How To Organize Your Time

1. Daily schedule

Begin by scheduling your time on a daily basis. To do this, decide the order of the courses you must study and how much time you are going to spend on each one.

Each day, make a detailed homework and study schedule such as the one shown below. Of course, time slots and courses will vary from day to day.

Record of One Day's Activities and Suggestions for Making Better Use of Time

Did you just skip over the above chart? Or did you read it? Get in the habit of reading charts and graphs!

Time Usage Chart

Time Usage Tools

Time in Class __________________
Study __________________
Job __________________
Transportation __________________
Household/Family __________________
Sleep __________________
Meals/Snacks __________________
Personal Care __________________
"Goofing Off" __________________

Things-To-Do-ChartOn a note card or small note pad, write down specifically what you need to accomplish that day. The fun part is crossing out what you have completed!

2. Weekly schedule

A weekly time schedule identifies specific times for studying particular courses as well as times for writing papers, conducting library research, and completing homework assignments for each course.

The major purpose in developing a weekly time schedule is to allow you to decide in advance how you will divide your available time between study and leisure activities. A schedule will eliminate the need to make frustrating last-minute choices between "should" and "want to" activities.


3. Monthly/Semester Schedule

Writing down appointments, meetings, and assignment due dates will help you get it all done. "I forgot" is not a very good excuse for a college student.

Try out your schedule -- be realistic and make changes where they are needed.


Test Yourself

  1. Do you have a study schedule/plan in which you set aside time each day for studying?
  2. Do you study in a quiet place, one that is free from noisy disturbances?
  3. Is your study desk or table kept neat and free of distracting objects?
  4. When you sit down to study, do you have the equipment and materials you need?