How To Use Time Well

  1. Break large jobs into smaller parts.

  2. Make a daily/weekly list of things to do.
    1. Prioritize items on the list.
    2. Carry the list with you throughout the day.
    3. Cross out items as you finish them.

  3. Don't procrastinate. Plan a definite time for studying each day. This will discourage procrastination and prevent that pile-up of work.

  4. Don't commit yourself to do too much.

  5. Be realistic about using your time—"Everything takes longer than you think!"

  6. Plan two hours of study time for every hour you spend in class.

  7. Plan a balanced schedule with time for sleep, leisure activities, exercise, and work.

  8. 8. Be aware of your best time of day and schedule your most difficult work during your peak periods. Plan to study during daytime hours as much as possible. At night you are less efficient.

  9. Use small amounts of time. Three 5-minute study periods a day for 5 days add up to 1 hour and 15 minutes, time that otherwise would have been lost.

  10. Every time you study, spend ten minutes in review of previous material. These "refresher shots" are the secret for long term memory.

  11. Don't cram for hours the night before a test. Instead, distribute your study over a period of days.