Tutoring is free to all Alexandria Technical & Community College students. Tutors help students understand their assignments, prepare for tests, and improve their study skills. Tutors will not do your work for you.

Students may receive tutoring from a Support Services instructor or from a student tutor. Instruction is provided one-on-one or in small groups.

Note: Unexcused absence from class can result in the suspension of certain services such as note taking and tutoring.

How to Request a Tutor
Students may request a tutor by contacting Mary Ackerman, 320-762-4673, marya@alextech.edu

Staff Tutors
Joy Eggen joye@alextech.edu, provides tutoring in algebra, math reasoning, business math, accounting, and Intro to Computer.

Kaye Madigan kayem@alextech.edu, provides tutoring in composition, study skills, psychology, ethics, child development subjects, public speaking, Intro to Computer, together with other subject areas.

Student Tutors
Students interested in being tutors need to be recommended by their instructor. Students need knowledge of the subject matter as well as patience and understanding in working with other students.

Student tutors are paid the current work study pay rate. Tutoring must be done on the ATCC campus.

Study Groups
Some subject areas have large numbers of students. In these cases, a study group may be set up. The study group is led by either an instructor or a student. Students interested in a study group should speak to their instructor.