How to Find Your Placement Test Scores and/or Course Placement

Please print this page so you have the directions to find your test scores.

If you are an accepted student, you can check your test scores on your Degree Audit Report (DARS) in eServices.

  • Go to
  • Log-in to MyATC (If you are unsure of your Username or Password, choose the appropriate link under "Forgot your username or password?".)
  • Once in MyATC, choose "eServices" (read the announcements, then scroll down and click on "Login Now")
  • If you are unsure of your eServices Username and Password, choose the "Login Help" Link
  • Once in eServices, choose "Grades & Transcripts" on the left side of the page
  • Choose "Interactive Degree Audit Report"
  • Find "Placement Test Information" and "Test Scores" on your Degree Audit Report
  • If there are no test scores showing on your Degree Audit Report, or if they are too old, please make arrangements to take the Accuplacer at Alexandria College by calling 1-888-234-1222 ext. 4487 or 320-762-4487. You may also contact another college closer to home to make arrangements to take Accuplacer.

To see which courses are required for your program, find your program at - click on your "Area of Study", select your program major and then choose "Curriculum" on the right side of the screen.

Alexandria Technical & Community College Placement Score Guide

ACCUPLACER ACT See Your Course Placement Results Below
Reading Comprehension Reading Reading Placement
0 - 69 0 - 20 READ0355  College Prep Reading
    BIOL1417 Human Anatomy &
  Physiology I
PSYC2436 Psychology of Addictions
70 - 120 21 - 36 BIOL1419 Human Anatomy &
  Physiology II
LENF1604 Minnesota Criminal Code
    ECON1410 Intro to Economic Principles CHEM1410 Intro to Organic & Biochem
    ECON1420 Intro to Macroeconomics SPAN2401&SPAN2403 Int Spanish I&II
    ECON1430 Intro to Microeconomics PHIL1405 Introduction to Philosophy
    POLS1460 Constitutional Democ & Govt ENGL1453 Multicultural American Lit.
    PSYC1405 Life-Span Psychology ENGL2405 Modern American Literature
    PSYC1410 Abnormal Psychology ENGL2420 Modern World Literature
    PSYC1445 General Psychology  
Reading Comprehension English Writing Placement
0 - 77 0 - 17 ENGL0350 College Prep Writing
    ENGL1410 Composition I
78 - 120 18 - 36 ENGL1460 Technical Writing
    HUMA2403 Humanities in the Modern World
Arithmetic Math Math Placement
0 - 73 0 - 17 MATH0322 College Prep Technical Math
    MATH0426 Prep Math for Health Sciences (Practical Nursing, Med Lab Tech)
    MATH1451 or MATH1453 Technical Math (Carpentry, Diesel, Marine)
74 - 120 18 - 36 CHEM1405 Fundamentals of Chemistry
    PNSG1607 Medication Administration
Elementary Algebra    
0 - 51 0 - 19 MATH0429 Beginning Algebra
52 - 75 20 - 21 MATH0431 Intermediate Algebra
    MATH1450 Technical Math (Mechatronics)
76 - 120 21 MATH1415 Mathematical Reasoning
College Level Math    
0 - 49 20 - 21 MATH0431 Intermediate Algebra
50 - 120 22 - 36 MATH1420 Fundamentals of College Algebra
    MATH1431 Geometry
    MATH1425 Pre-calculus
90 - 120 25 - 36 MATH1426 Calculus