Scholarship Information

Scholarship Deadlines For 2015-2016:

April 1, 2015 - Fall Semester
November 20, 2015 - Spring Semester

Please follow the instructions below to begin the scholarship application process (as a reminder, students will need to apply for scholarships using the STARS Online system).

  1. Click the "Apply Online Now" button to begin the process.
  2. First-time users will create a STARS Online account.
  3. Complete the application by following the instructions given.
  4. Attach any required documentation you are asked to provide (this will vary depending on the scholarships for which you are eligible).
    1. If you have to attach documentation and you don't have a scanner, you may use the scanner located in the ATCC Library.
  5. Once your application is complete STARS will give you a list of recommended scholarships. You will need to click the "Apply Now" button on each one and check the boxes indicating you meet the criteria, verify that the information is correct, and authorize the release of information to the ATCC Foundation.

Additional Notes:

  • When prompted, please report your most recent cumulative GPA. ATCC Foundation will verify this information.
  • In general, applicants will be notified of awards via email within 4 weeks of the deadline.
  • For further questions, contact Linda Dolan, Director of Scholarships and Alumni, at 320-762-4439 or via email