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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) News and Updates:

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Frequently Asked Questions:

For Students

Vaccination Sites in Alexandria


For Employees

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ATCC Quarantine Protocol Download ATCC Quarantine Protocol Document pdf

For Students


Effective March 1, 2022, face masks are no longer required on campus for the majority of individuals. Individuals that have tested positive for COVID-19 or that have been in close contact with someone that has tested positive will still need to wear a tight-fitting mask while on campus for ten days after their test or exposure. The CDC has not modified its guidance for healthcare and clinical settings. As a result, campus clinical settings will remain subject to indoor masking requirements until guidance changes.



It is critical you monitor your student email for announcements and information from instructors and staff. Email is the official method of communication.



Please visit to get answers to common questions.

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COVID-19 Vaccination Sites in Alexandria

To find Covid-19 Vaccines in other communities, visit

Cub Pharmacy

2612 South Broadway, Alexandria, MN
Walk-Ins Welcome! No appointment scheduling required.

More Info >


CVS Pharmacy in Target

4404 Highway 29 South, Alexandria, MN
Walk In or By Appointment.

Schedule Online >


Horizon Public Health

809 Elm Street, #1200, Alexandria, MN

Schedule Online >


Sanford Health – Alexandria

1527 Broadway Street, Alexandria, MN

Schedule Online >


Thrifty White Pharmacy

503 3rd Avenue East, Alexandria, MN

Schedule Online >



910 Broadway Street, Alexandria, MN
Walk In or Same-Day Appointments Available.

Schedule Online >


Wal-Mart Pharmacy

4611 MN-29, Alexandria, MN

Schedule Online >

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What should I do if I am sick and diagnosed with COVID-19 or suspect I am infected with the virus that causes COVID-19? 

The CDC has provided this Fact Sheet outlining steps to help prevent the disease from spreading to people: CDC COVID-19 Fact Sheet (PDF)


What can students, faculty and staff do to protect themselves and each other?

We encourage students, faculty and staff to practice respiratory (coughing and sneezing) etiquette and hand hygiene.  Those who feel sick are recommended to stay home until they are free of fever, signs of a fever, and any other symptoms for at least 24 hours, without the use of fever-reducing or other symptom-altering medicines (e.g. cough suppressants). Employees should notify their supervisor and stay home if they are sick, and seek medical attention depending on the severity of the symptoms. 


Where can I find more information?

Several resources are available:


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For Employees

Please see FAQs provided by Minnesota Management & Budget (MMB) Be Ready MN

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Alexandria Technical & Community College, herein called “College,” holds as paramount the health, safety and welfare of every member of its community. The College however, cannot guarantee a COVID-19-free environment. Unfortunately, the risk of COVID-19 exposure exists in all public places where people are present. Our College is taking all recommended steps to mitigate this risk, but we cannot categorically guarantee you will not get sick. Minimizing the risk of COVID-19 infections (or any other spread of disease) at Alexandria Technical & Community College is a shared responsibility. Every member of our community – including you – must do their part.