Bookstore Charging Options

  • When bookstore charging opens (Go to Important Dates) students enrolled can order and charge required textbooks linked to the course to their student account.
  • When students charge, the book cost is added to the student account and will be seen on the tuition and fee statement
  • Students who choose to charge books to the student account authorize ATCC to use any financial aid (grants, loans, scholarships, etc.) that they may receive to pay for the book charges.
  • Financial aid can only be applied to costs incurred at the college awarding the aid.
  • Students who do not receive financial aid or who may not have sufficient financial aid to cover their book charges are responsible to satisfy the outstanding balance each semester at the ATCC Business Office.
  • Student account, including balance, can be viewed in e-services
  • Students should be prepared to purchase books with another payment method if purchasing after the 6th day of the start of the semester (Go to Important Dates)
  • Student is ALWAYS THE CUSTOMER when ordering online. Student must be used in the email field of the order form.
  • Student using a Gift Certificate will come into the Bookstore with official schedule and the gift certificate.