Do I Have Good Study Habits?

Goals and Attitude




1. I get enough sleep at night so I am attentive during school.
2. I believe I am responsible for how I do in school.
3. I have a positive attitude towards school and learning.
4. I have established goals concerning school.
5. I know exactly what I have to do to achieve those goals.
6. I am working to fulfill those goals.


7. I study in a room with few distractions.
8. I study at a table or desk so I’m not too comfy.
9. I make good use of the library when applicable.
10. I have a dictionary and use it.


11 I have prioritized my activities so schoolwork comes first.
12. I schedule time each day to study.
13. I hand in all assignments, papers, and projects on time.
14. I attend school regularly.
15. I keep up and don’t get behind!
16. I use my time effectively when I study.


17. I have an organized notebook(s).
18. I take notes selectively by getting down important ideas.
19. I use a format that works for each class/text/lecture.
20. I use abbreviations and symbols to write faster.
21. I copy examples, formulas, diagrams, notes from the board.


22. I know what real studying involves.
23. I practice the SQ3R or other effective study method.
24. I review my notes daily, so I won’t have to cram.

Memory and Test-taking

25. I strive to understand material before memorizing.
26. I use specific memory techniques to memorize for a test.
27. I usually remember material when taking a test.
28. I am prepared for the test, so I don’t waste energy on anxiety.


As a result of summarizing my study habits inventory, I have decided to make certain changes in my life to become a more successful student. I realize that I cannot change overnight, that I must be realistic and expect these changes to take some time. I also must continue to work at the changes and make them a part of my life permanently. One specific change I can make to become a more successful student is to


Another change I would like to make is to


I will practice these changes for ________ weeks before filling out the Progress Report below.

Signed _________________________________________ Date ____________


Progress I have made towards these changes:

Change 1

___________________________________________________ Date __________

Change 2

___________________________________________________ Date__________