Work Study Employment

Work study is a need based job program and eligibility is determined by completing the (FAFSA) Free Application for Federal Student Aid. During the academic year, students must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 credits to hold a work study position. To determine if you are eligible to obtain a work study job, contact the Financial Aid office.

A listing of current job opportunities is listed below. Jobs are on-campus or off-campus with non-profit employers. The hourly wage for all work study jobs is $11.50/hr. You can filter the view by category using the drop down list. Click view on the posting for more details. If you find a job that interests you, contact the supervisor at the phone number listed to inquire (you may need to leave a message).

Students with work study questions should contact the Financial Aid office located in room 113 or call 320-762-4540.

For more work options, check out these additional Community Job Resources.

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Work Study Position
Help Desk Technician
40 hours/week
Start Date
End Date
Projected Earnings
1601 Jefferson Street
To Apply Contact
Sheldon Sievert
Provide help and technical support assistance to the operation of the IT Dept Help Desk.
Provide help and technical support assistance to IT staff. Assist students, staff and faculty with technololgy-related issues. This includes installing and setting up software and hardware on campus systems. Create and update trouble tickets documenting problems and resolutions. Help inventory, troubleshoot, and maintain campus technology. Finally, provide polite, quality, and considerate customer support.
Do you enjoy helping others with their technology-related issues? If so, this could be the perfect position for you. A background or understanding of technology, software, and Microsoft Windows is very helpful. Applicant will learn on the job, but must be reliable, motivated, committed, able to work independently and apply policies and procedures. Must be able to follow instructions.
This is a fantastic opportunity to increase your knowledge and understanding preparing you with the real world experience employers are looking for in an employee.