3.4.4 Students Academically Suspended from College

In accordance with Minnesota State Policy 3.4, http://www.minnstate.edu/board/policy/304.html, students on academic suspension from another Minnesota State college or university school shall not be admitted to Alexandria Technical & Community College unless they demonstrate potential for being successful in the program to which they apply. Students on an active suspension status at another college will need to complete the ATCC academic appeals process prior to being admitted.


The appeal must be filed by August 1 for Fall start, December 1 for Spring start and April 1 for Summer start.

  1. Any student who left his/her previous college on an active academic suspension and is subsequently accepted into ATCC, based on a successful appeal, will be accepted on probation.
  2. If suspension date and reinstatement dates are posted, those are the dates that will be used. For Minnesota State colleges, it will be assumed that academic suspensions will be posted. Minnesota State colleges should also be posting the dates students are eligible for reinstatement. If a suspension is posted, but reinstatement date is not noted, eligibility for reinstatement will be considered to be one year.
    • Students eligible for reinstatement will be admitted to Alexandria Technical & Community College on a probation status.
  3. For non-Minnesota State institutions, transcripts will be reviewed using the same criteria as Minnesota State institutions (Items 1 and 2 above).
  4. If students are accepted and the Registrar's Office later receives college transcripts that indicate suspension status, their acceptance will be reviewed to determine if they are still eligible to attend. Their admit status may be canceled, especially if they intentionally withheld transcripts. Those who are eligible to attend will have their acceptance changed to probationary status.

Note: This is an academic policy and only addresses a student's eligibility to attend. It does not address a student's financial aid eligibility. Students must contact the Financial Aid Department for any questions about aid eligibility.

Approved by: ATCC Leadership Council
Effective Date: 01/04/16
Last Date Revised: 01/04/16