3.17.13 Change of Major

If a student wishes to change their major, they must contact the Admissions Office and complete the change of major form. If the change of major form is submitted within the first five (5) days of the term, the change occurs at that point. If the form is submitted after the fifth (5th) day of the term, the change will become effective at the start of the next term.

During a student's first term of enrollment, they may have only one declared major. Beginning with the second term of enrollment, a student may request to have a second major added to their record. A student may not have more than two active majors at any given time.

  • Students must select a primary major. This is the major that will be used in the calculation of financial aid and other benefits (VA).
  • If students complete the change of major form, a second major cannot be added until they declare their primary major.
  • Students who are currently pursuing a major and apply online for a second major will not be admitted to the second major until they declare which major is their primary.

    Approved by: Leadership Council
    Effective Date: 03/23/15
    Last Date Revised: 12/05/14

Change of Major Request Form