3.3.5 College-level Examination Program (CLEP)


Alexandria Technical & Community College awards College-level Examination Program (CLEP) credits based on Minnesota State policy 3.33, http://www.minnstate.edu/board/policy/333.html, and procedure 3.33.1, External Website: Minnesota State - System Procedure 3.33.1 College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) Credit http://www.minnstate.edu/board/procedure/333p1.html.

For further information on CLEP credit at ATCC, visit the Testing Center site at http://www.alextech.edu/testing-center. Procedure

Students may earn credit by successfully passing the CLEP subject or general examinations that measure achievement in specific college courses. The list of subjects is available in the Counseling and Testing Center. The Counseling and Testing Center will provide information about the College Level Examination Program and will administer the CLEP examinations to interested students. A non-refundable fee is charged. The CLEP composition test needs to be taken a minimum of six weeks prior to when the results are needed. It is recommended that all other CLEP tests be taken prior to the start of the semester that the credits are needed.

The awarded credit will appear on the student's transcript with no effect on the student's GPA. It is recommended that a student should determine whether a CLEP test will meet program/course requirements prior to testing. CLEP scores below acceptable levels are not recorded on the college transcripts at Alexandria Technical & Community College. Students, who have taken CLEP examinations elsewhere, including the military services, should submit an official transcript of their scores to the Registrar's Office where they will be processed for appropriate credit allocation. The Registrar's Office will make appropriate entries on students' transcripts in cases where credit is granted.

Approved by: ATCC Leadership Council
Effective Date: 06/26/15
Last Date Revised: 06/15/15