3.17.15 Course Substitution (Exception)


Alexandria Technical & Community College will allow a student the option to request the substitution of a course outlined in their Program's required course list. This substitution must be similar in both content and outcome and be deemed by both program advisor and designated representative of Academic Affairs to be applicable to the academic program.

Substitutions are allowed on a case-by-case basis and may not reduce the program length or reduce MNTC goal area requirements. MnTC substitutions must remain in the same goal area as the program requirement.

Substitution requests for transfer courses may be made after ATCC Transfer Specialist has evaluated the official transcript and equivalency determination has been made.


Students may obtain a Substitution Request Form from the Transfer Specialist. Upon gaining appropriate signatures, the form must be returned to the Transfer Specialist no later than mid-term of the semester prior to graduation. Substitution Request Forms are stored in the student's permanent file upon approval.

Approved by: Leadership Council
Effective Date: 3/20/08
Last Date Revised: 3/10/08