3.16.5 Early Out


The official policy of the college is not to allow students leaving early for related placement near the end of their program (early outs) and still completing their program successfully. Procedures shall be established for very limited exceptions.


All of the following criteria must be met:

  1. When the student can demonstrate financial hardship.
  2. When the student has a 2.75 GPA or better.
  3. When the leave is within two (2) weeks of the end of the student’s last semester.
  4. When the student is on schedule to complete all assignments by the end of the semester or will have satisfactory grades, even if assignments in the last two (2) weeks are not completed.
  5. When the instructor and Academic Affairs has approved the leave.

Not more than 10% of a program may be authorized for early outs in any given year.

Approved by: ATCC Leadership Council
Effective Date: 9/17/07
Last Date Revised: 9/17/07