3.32 End of Semester

In an 80+ instructional-day semester, the last day of the semester shall be non-instructional for all programs and faculty (no students). The preceding school days of that calendar week may be used in the following manner based on each course instructor’s discretion.


  • If instructor uses a final exam for end of semester assessment, instructional class hours may be cancelled. Final exam hours are to be scheduled within the ISRS listed course meeting times. Any final exam schedules requiring student attendance outside of the normal course schedule times must be approved by Academic Affairs.
  • If instructor uses final course/program capstone projects, these days may not require normal class attendance by students when project(s) is completed.
  • If instructor chooses not to use final exams or final projects (see above), classes shall meet in normal manner through the final "instructional" day of the semester.

Where programs/divisions are tightly cored, coordination and communication between instructors regarding what their intentions are will provide a more professional semester end for our students.

Approved by: ATCC Leadership Council
Effective Date: 8/20/07
Last Date Revised: 8/20/07