4.3.2 Credentialing and Hiring Temporary Full-time and Temporary Part-time, Adjunct and External Concurrent Instructors

It is the policy of the College to establish and follow procedures for credentialing and hiring temporary instructors.


Academic Affairs to collaborate with Human Resources (HR) to:

  1. Organize informal search team consisting of administrative representative from Academic Affairs, at least one faculty from discipline area and Division Chair, if possible,
  2. Determine position requirements applying Minnesota State policy 3.32.1, http://www.minnstate.edu/board/procedure/332p1.html, when determining system established minimum qualifications.
  3. If temporary full-time position, post on Minnesota State career opportunities website for required number of days. If no qualified applicants are generated, continue below.
  4. Search current adjunct pool for individuals meeting position requirements
    1. If there are no available candidates, search existing resume bank from HR.
    2. If there are no available candidates or the applicant pool is limited, advertise available position at least twice in an effort to identify qualified applicants for position. Advertising exposure determined by available HR budget and search team suggestion.
      1. If there are no applicants meeting system established minimum qualifications generated from advertising, revisit existing adjunct pool and resume bank in HR, to identify potential emergency staffing prospects.
      2. Credentialing exception conditions to take into consideration if necessitated.
        1. Pending credentials: Individuals who are close to meeting the minimum qualifications may be hired for no more than two consecutive semesters under this exception.
        2. Special expertise: An individual with special expertise may be hired to teach specialized courses. There is no time limit on this exception.
        3. Renowned qualifications: An individual who has achieved exceptional status or recognition may be hired to teach appropriate courses in the field of recognition. There is no time limit on this exception.
        4. Emerging fields: An exception shall terminate when the system minimum qualifications are established.
  5. Search team to screen applicants and collaboratively determine interview candidates.
  6. Search team to conduct informal interviews.
    1. Interview criteria to be determined by search team.
    2. Finalists identified by search team; rank if more than one is acceptable.
  7. Offer of temporary employment.
  8. College to maintain appropriate credentialing documentation on all temporary hires.
Approved by: ATCC Leadership Council
Effective Date: 8/21/07
Last Date Revised: 8/03/07