Human Services Practitioner AAS Estimated Tuition Costs for 2018-2019

Credits: 64


  • Total online credits x ($199.00 + $10.35)
  • Total on campus credits x ($160.53 + $20.00)
  • Total South Central online credits x ($215.03)

Books: $1500.00

Course Fees: $20.00

Other: $0.00

Other can include but is not limited to: tools, uniforms, required laptop leases, etc.

Total Costs: Total costs will vary depending on whether registered courses are offered online or on campus. Some courses are offered exclusively online or on campus.

The calculation provided is an estimated cost. Actual total costs will vary due to course fees, books, and additional college-related materials. This estimated cost is provided to assist you in your initial educational planning. It is not a guarantee by the college.