Law Enforcement Skills Curriculum

The following are requirements of the ten-week training:
Active Shooter High Risk
Animal Resp Adm Emerg Care
Basic Response
Building Search Low Light
Comm/Relations - Conflict
Comm/Relations - Crisis
Comm/Relations - Foundational
Criminal Investigation Basics
Criminal Investigation Interview
Criminal Investigation Interview/Interr
Criminal Investigation Evidence
Crim Investigation Crime Scenes
Criminal Investigation Drugs
Crim Invt White Collar/Financial/ID Theft
Crim Invt Death Scene/Notification
Crim Invt Sexual Assault
Crim Invt Missing Persons
Crim Invt Child/Vulnerble Adult
Crim Invt Fire/Arson
Critical Incident Stress Mgmt
Driving School
Drug Interdiction Vehicle Search
High Risk/Active Shooter/Per Resp
Interactive -- Simulator Training
Juvenile Response
Large Scale ICS NIMS
Moot Court
Patrol Response
PT Testing
Report Writing
Testimony Search/Seizure
Use of Force

Note: AAS degrees must have Gen. Ed. courses from three goal areas and AS degrees from six goal areas of the MN Transfer Curriculum.

Visit with advisor or refer to Degree Audit Report for elective options.

This course sequence is an example.