Arctic Cat Accelerated Certification Program

Certified Bronze Catmaster Technician

What is the Arctic Cat Accelerated Certification Program?

Arctic Cat will allow a student graduating from an EETC accredited technical college to become certified as a Bronze CatMaster Technician before ever setting foot in a dealership.

What do I need to do to become CatMaster Bronze Certified with Arctic Cat?

You will need to meet the following criteria to qualify as a CatMaster Technician as part of the Arctic Cat certification program at Alexandria Technical & Community College.

  1. Graduate from an EETC accredited school in a 2.5 or higher grade point average
  2. Become EETC certified in 2-cycle engines
  3. Become EETC certified in 4-cycle engines
  4. Pass Arctic Cat's Basic Competency Test

You can become an Arctic Cat Factory Certified Basic CatMaster Technician in both ATV and Snowmobile.

Why do I need to be CatMaster Bronze Certified?

Dealerships can greatly increase their success and profitability by hiring and retaining CatMaster Technicians. It is a proven fact that service can have more of an impact on customer loyalty than any other factor. Arctic Cat rewards its dealers for having CatMaster Certified Technicians employed and working in their shops. You are a much more attractive hire to an Arctic Cat dealer if you are CatMaster Certified. The dealer's profits will increase. Customer retention rates will be higher and mistakes due to incorrect diagnosis and repairs will drop. It's a win win for the dealer and the technician.

Where will my career at an Arctic Cat dealership lead?

There are two more levels of CatMaster Certification. You may choose after certifying as a Specialized CatMaster Technician and later a Gold CatMaster Technician to become a shop foreman or a service manager. With a few years of dealership experience, and Gold Certification under your belt, you will be an asset to any dealership's service department. You will be able to grow your career in any direction in the service industry you choose!

How do I get started?

All details of Arctic Cat's Accelerated Certification program are handled through Alexandria Technical & Community College. Contact Mark Lindemann, Marine, Motorcycle, & Powersports Technician Instructor to find out more.