Pre-Engineering Technology Curriculum

This curriculum is accurate for 2019-2020 fall starts. Go here for 2018-2019 Pre-Engineering Technology curriculum.

0 CHEM1406Fundamentals of Chemistry45
0 COMM1415Public Speaking33
0 ELECTIVEElective23
0 ENGL1410Composition I33
0 MATH1425Precalculus44
0 MATH1426Calculus I44
0 MATH1436Calculus II22
0 MATH1445Introduction to Statistics33
0 MFGT1530DC Circuits33
0 MNTCG10MNTC Goal 10: People & the Envir.33
0 MNTCG5MNTC Goal 5: Min. 2 Departments66
0 MNTCG6MNTC Goal 6: Min. 2 Departments66
0 MNTCG7MNTC Goal 7: Human Diversity33
0 MNTCG8MNTC Goal 8: Global Perspective33
0 MNTCG9MNTC Goal 9: Ethical & Civic Respon.33
0 PHYS2401Principles of Physics I44
0 PHYS2411Principles of Physics II44
   Program Total6062

Note: AAS degrees must have Gen. Ed. courses from three goal areas and AS degrees from six goal areas of the MN Transfer Curriculum.

Visit with advisor or refer to Degree Audit Report for elective options.

This course sequence is an example.