Learning Assessment

Institutional Assessment

Alexandria Technical & Community College has identified four General Learning Outcomes that support the college's mission.


Core Skills: Demonstrate the ability to read, write, communicate effectively, and think critically and creatively to perform in an educational or work environment.


Occupational and Career Skills: Apply specific career and technical competencies required for occupational and career readiness.


Digital and Information Literacy: Demonstrate the ability to effectively and ethically use relevant information and technology for information access, communication, collaboration, and work.


Citizenship: Demonstrate the ability to work collaboratively with people of various backgrounds while managing professional responsibilities in a diverse society.


Reviewed/Revised: January 2023

Approved by AASC: January 24, 2023

Approved by Leadership Council: February 13, 2023

Program Assessment

All programs have identified individual Program Learning Outcomes (PLO's) that support the General Learning Outcomes of the college. These learning outcomes are developed with faculty and industry input. Every academic program has an assessment plan that establishes its main PLO's based on industry requirements and expectation of graduates of the program. The information from the results of the assessments or external data is provided to faculty and is reviewed through Academic Affairs to support teaching and curriculum improvement.

An assessment plan for each program is located on the program's webpage. To view a program's assessment plan, select the academic program, and click the Assessment Plan icon located at the bottom of the page.