ATCC Information Center

ATCC StudentsInformation Center staff provide assistance navigating the campus and college services.
ATCC Information Center:


ATCC StudentsAdmission representatives assist students and their families through the college admissions process.


ATCC StudentATCC Foundation Bookstore sells and rents textbooks. ATCC students can charge textbooks to their student accounts through the ATCC Foundation Bookstore.

Campus Store

ATCC StudentsThe Campus Store sells ATCC clothing, gifts, supplies, and convenience food.

Counseling Center

Counseling StaffPersonal, crisis, and career counseling are provided in the Counseling Center to all ATCC students.

Food Pantry (Jennie's Cupboard)

Variety of food pantry itemsJennie's Cupboard is a no-cost food pantry available to all Alexandria College students, regardless of financial status.

Food Services

Food ServicesConsolidated Management Co. provides food service on campus through the café and catering services.


ATCC StudentsThe ATCC Foundation and the community provide student housing options.

Intercultural Services

Intercultural Center StaffIntercultural Services promotes appreciation of cultural and human diversity on campus.

IT Department

IT Department StaffThe IT Department administers laptops, leased equipment, and distributes Student IDs and parking permits.


Library StaffConvenient access to scholarly resources, study areas, computers, and printing are available in the Library.


ATCC StudentThe Registrar's Office maintains student records and assists students with registering for classes.

Student Life

ATCC StudentsStudent Life provides engaging experiences for students outside the classroom through clubs, speakers, activities, and intramural sports.

Support Services

Support Services StaffAll ATCC students may access tutoring and academic support free of charge through Support Services.

Testing Center

Testing Center StaffThe Testing Center assists individuals with their testing and assessment needs.

Transfer Advising

ATCC StaffTransfer Advising assists current ATCC students who are considering transferring from Alexandria Technical & Community College to another college or university.

Tuition and Payment

ATCC StudentPayments for tuition and fees are accepted in the Business Office. Payments can also be made online in eServices.

Veteran's Services

Veterans Center StudentServices are available to veterans as well as past and current military members and their families.