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Senior College is a lecture series for adults in West Central Minnesota. A variety of quality, college level lectures with scholars from across the state stimulate learning and fuel curiosities in a congenial setting at the Alexandria Technical & Community College.

A public kick-off event launches each fall and spring semester, and a short winter session in January is offered for the weather-hardy. Senior College is designed for adults 50+ and welcomes adults of any age. The kick-off is free. A single registration allows access to all lectures and includes refreshments.

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    January 3-17, Tuesdays and Thursdays 3:15 pm to 5:15 pm in room 743 at ATCC

    The (Mis)Use of Political Knowledge: How People Learn About Politics

    As politics becomes more polarized and each side becomes more entrenched, the ways in which we learn about politics, decide what we support (and oppose) and under what circumstance we might change our minds, becomes even more important to understand. This short course is designed to introduce theories about how people learn about politics, how they make political decisions, and why it is so hard to get the other side to change their views.

    Cognitive processes, genetic foundations, and emotional incentives will be discussed as factors influencing our ability to learn, retain, and accurately use political knowledge. We will answer questions like why does support for certain policies depend upon which party is in power, how do people choose who to vote for, and what other than policy do Republicans and Democrats disagree about. There are reasons people misuse information in political decision-making and this course will explore reasons this occurs and provide some potential answers to what can be done about it.

    Tim Lindberg is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of Minnesota – Morris. He teaches courses on constitutional law and the judicial process as well as on political behavior. He is currently working on a survey of rural Minnesotans which explores how identity as residents of a rural community and perceptions of rural life interact with political values and behavior.

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    Presenter Tim Lindberg

    Presenter Tim Lindberg

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