Weekend Bus to St. Cloud and the Twin Cities

Students do not need to be from the metro to take advantage of the bus. The round trip service is perfect for weekend shopping trips, attending sporting events or concerts, visiting friends or family, and other fun!

The bus will depart from Morris on Friday evenings and stop in Alexandria prior to destination stops in St. Cloud, Maple Grove, and Minneapolis. The bus will pick up in those locations on Sunday evenings and drop off back in Alexandria before returning to Morris.

This transportation option was made possible through a partnership with University of Minnesota Morris.

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Standard schedule:


  • 6:15 PM depart U of M Morris
  • 7:20 PM arrive Alexandria College
  • 8:25 PM arrive St. Cloud / St. Augusta
  • 9:30 PM arrive Maple Grove Transit Center
  • 10:30 PM arrive U of M Twin Cities West Bank (last stop)


  • 6:00 PM depart U of M Twin Cities
  • 7:00 PM depart Maple Grove Transit Center
  • 8:00 PM depart St. Cloud / St. Augusta
  • 9:15 PM depart Alexandria College
  • 10:00 PM arrive U of M Morris

Cost is $45 round trip, and must be scheduled online by 2:00 PM on departure day. Trips may be booked in advance, but no cancellations or refunds are available. The departure and return schedule is based around breaks and holidays at University of Minnesota Morris, so some schedules may vary from that of Alexandria College.

Students can book online at https://z.umn.edu/UMMWeekendBus

Book Your Trip Online

Note: The bus will only stop at destinations that riders have selected when purchasing their tickets, and will not come to Alexandria if no tickets are purchased by Alexandria students. Bus runs may be canceled if there are three or fewer tickets purchased by Wednesday at noon the week of the departure.