Alexandria Technical & Community College Policies and Procedures outline the rules, expectations, and processes for all students, employees, and external entities or individuals who may interact with the college or campus community. 


Policies are a course or principle of action adopted by the college and are numbered with one chapter number and one subsection.

Example: 1A.1 or 3.6


Procedures are established or official ways of carrying out a policy and are numbered with one chapter number and at least two subsections.

Example: 1A.1.1 or 3.6.1

Any current college employee or student may suggest the creation of a new policy/procedure or modifications to an existing policy/procedure by emailing

ATCC has documented the submission, review, and approval process for new or revised policies and procedures in the Policy/Procedure Workflow. Feedback is collected from several stakeholder groups depending on the topic of the policy/procedure being created or modified. These groups have the opportunity to review content and recommend changes before the policy/procedure moves forward. 

Policy/Procedure Workflow
Policy/Procedure Feedback Form

Additional information can be found in policy 1A.1 Policies & Procedures and procedure 1A.1.1 Policies & Procedures.

The ATCC President maintains final approval authority over all policies/procedures.