4.5.4 Students Driving Personal Vehicles for College Business

This policy applies to students who have received permission to operate their personal vehicles for college business.

College business is defined as activities where students are participating on behalf of, or representing, the college in some official capacity. This may include travel as part of a college-sponsored outdoor or recreational activity; or attending off-campus meetings as student representatives of the college or student government.

Student clubs or student-run organizations that are not controlled by the college are not considered as college business and therefore, are not subject to this policy.

Students choosing to drive their own vehicle to conferences, field trips, etc., will not be reimbursed for fuel costs or any other cost related to such travel. They will also assume primary liability for any accidents or injury incurred during such travel.

Any student driving personal vehicles for college business must have a valid driver’s license.

All students driving personal vehicles on college business must complete the “Vehicle Use Agreement” form. The reason for this requirement is that Minnesota State’s insurance policy will then provide excess liability coverage, if applicable. ATCC will obtain a copy of his/her motor vehicle report from the appropriate state agency. The motor vehicle report must then be reviewed and approved by a designated college official before the student is authorized to drive a their personal vehicle on college business.

Students will be deemed eligible or ineligible to drive personal vehicles on college business based on the criteria listed at: http://www.finance.mnscu.edu/facilities/insurance-riskmgmt/docs/Fleet_Programs.pdf

Students must obey all State and Federal motor vehicle laws.

Approved by: ATCC Leadership Council
Effective Date: 12/22/08
Last Date Revised: 11/19/08