Concurrent Enrollment Program at ATCC

The Concurrent Enrollment Program (CEP) at Alexandria Technical & Community College serves high school students, teachers, and schools by increasing access to college learning and experiences while supporting excellence in instruction and technology and building high school-college connections. Through the college's CEP, students are able to take college courses taught in their high school by college approved high school teachers.

If you are interested in concurrent enrollment, talk to your high school guidance counselor or contact the college at either 320-762-4545 or Email ATCC PSEO

Student Benefits

  • Earn transferable college credit with high school peers
  • Reduce the overall cost of a college education
  • Develop college-level learning skills
  • Get a jump start on post-secondary studies allowing for greater flexibility in college
  • Access services offered to ATCC students: college email, learning resources, and campus facilities

Teacher Benefits

  • Develop professional relationships by sharing ideas and techniques with college faculty
  • Partner with other motivated educators
  • Access college email, instructional resources, and facilities
  • Receive discipline specific training and professional development opportunities


Current high school GPA is the primary factor in determining eligibility.  If GPA does not meet minimum requirements for grade level, students may provide documentation of Accuplacer, ACT, SAT, or 10th grade MCA reading scores to determine eligibility. Check with your high school for specific requirements.

Students must meet all course pre-requisites for the courses they plan to enroll in.


  • Students' grades become part of their permanent college record
  • Poor academic performance in college courses may impact future financial aid eligibility as well as high school graduation
  • Please refer to Please refer to ATCC Procedure 2.9.1 at

Concurrent Enrollment Documents  

Title Download Link
Concurrent Enrollment High School Instructor Handbook Download Concurrent Enrollment High School Instructor Handbook Document pdf
Concurrent Enrollment Faculty Liaison Handbook Download Concurrent Enrollment Faculty Liaison Handbook Document pdf
Concurrent Enrollment Student Handbook Download Concurrent Enrollment Student Handbook Document pdf

Contact Concurrent Enrollment

1-888-234-1222 ext. 4545
Email PSEO:

External Website: Distance Minnesota - Online College in the High School

1-888-234-1222 ext.4648