3.35.2 Credit for Prior Learning - Internal Assessments

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Alexandria Technical and Community College offers a number of options for students to obtain credit for prior knowledge through an assessment process. The College is committed to recognizing the educational importance of learning accomplished outside traditional academic settings. These options may include, but are not limited to, credit by exam, course-equivalency assessment, portfolio assessment, and competency-based assessment.

Computer Test Outs:

In the case of ITEC 1430, ITEC 1440, and ITEC 1445 courses, Alexandria Technical & Community College faculty have developed a Computer Test Out that can be taken. For these courses only, contact the Testing Center at 320-762-4487 or testingcenter@alextech.edu to schedule. A non-refundable test administration fee of $30 must be paid at the Business Office prior to testing. Each exam may only be attempted once.

Credit for Prior Learning:

Any other prior learning will need to be evaluated by an instructor on an individualized basis. Students should contact the Registrar's Office at 320-762-4650 for the paperwork to begin the process. It is recommended that this be completed in the term prior to the term the class would normally be completed. The instructor will determine the appropriate method for a student to demonstrate their competency (e.g. challenge exam, portfolio, research paper, oral exam, demonstration, etc., or any combination of these). A fee of $75 per credit will be assessed and must be paid prior to faculty evaluation.

Portfolio Review/Competence Demonstration for Experiential Learning:

Students will prepare and organize evidence of experiential learning by first writing a paper that describes the learning and then will provide additional documentation such as:

  • Certificates earned
  • Brochures from conferences or workshops attended
  • Detailed descriptions of former projects
  • Research papers written

The completed competency demonstration for which credit has been granted will become the property of the College. If the student wishes to keep the originals, they should place copies of certificates, letters, clippings, etc. in their portfolio.

Criteria for Granting Credit by Portfolio Review/Competence Demonstration:
  • Learning is at college-level.
  • Learning is current (within five years for technical courses).
  • Learning includes both theoretical and practical understanding of the subject matter.
  • Learning relates to the student’s program of study, academic requirements, and educational goals.
  • Learning has general applicability outside the specific situation in which it was acquired.
  • Learning is publicly verifiable and documentation is provided.
Transcript fee:

The fee for earning credits through institutional test-outs or evaluations is $75 per credit. In the case of the test-outs (ITEC 1430, ITEC 1440, and ITEC 1445), this fee will only be charged to students who successfully pass the test. In the case of other test-outs, the fee is payable upfront and is non-refundable.

Transcription of credit:

Test-outs will be recorded on the ATCC transcript with a CR (credit) grade if the student was successful. The student's GPA is not impacted.

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Effective Date: 7/10/2023

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