5.19 Tobacco and Electronic Cigarette Use Policy

Alexandria Technical and Community College is tobacco-free and electronic cigarette-free within its buildings and State vehicles. The college campus, including entrances to buildings, lawns and landscaped areas is tobacco-free with the following exceptions:

  • tobacco and electronic cigarette use is permitted in parking lots and
  • tobacco and electronic cigarette use is permitted outside of designated entrances when beyond 25 feet from the designated entrance.

College signage is posted at locations where tobacco use is permitted, with the exception of parking lots.

Enforcement of this policy is everyone's responsibility.

A list of designated entrances and associated map can be found at Ask ATCC or at: Tobacco Use Map www.alextech.edu/tobacco-use-map.

Approved by: ATCC Leadership Council
Effective Date: 7/01/13
Last Date Revised: 4/26/13