Learning never stops: Senior College lectures cover variety of topics

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For participants of Alexandria Technical and Community College’s Senior College, lectures are something fun to go to, to learn something new and talk with others about afterward.

The classes are meant to serve older folks, but the age range of participants varies from roughly 45 into the 90s. People come from not just Alexandria, but all of west-central Minnesota. Classes are set up in a series of 15 lectures which are scheduled periodically during an eight week period, with one term in the fall and one in the spring.

There also is a shorter term on one topic in the winter that lasts six weeks.

The topics this fall span from the Minnesota economy to rural identification as a political influence, government, national parks, cyber conflict and geopolitics, Ireland, presidents and more.

Amy Sunderland, director of Senior College for the last seven years, said attendance has been on a steady trajectory of growth as the years have gone on.

“In addition to a lot of people moving to town and looking for things Alexandria has going, this is one of the really wonderful things for retirees in particular,” she said.

“There’s this attraction to learning and being in an environment where there are new ideas. You can explore new topics and you have coffee and cookies with familiar people."

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