Transfer Pathways Ensure Seamless Transfer

Transfer between colleges and universities can be a bit confusing and overwhelming. Students often go into a degree intended for transfer, like an associate in arts, assuming all the credits they earn will apply toward their bachelor's degree. It doesn't always go as smoothly as students hope, and they are unsure where to go or who to ask about next steps. Frustration and unanswered questions can mean more time, more money, and more work for students. Alexandria Technical & Community College (ATCC) has dedicated to resources to ensuring students have a positive transfer experience, including transfer advisors and focused transfer degrees.

ATCC has developed degree paths that seamlessly transfer from associate level to bachelor level among Minnesota State system universities. These degrees, called Transfer Pathways, ensure students won't take extra credits they don't need and won't lose credits in transfer. As part of the Minnesota State system, ATCC currently offers Transfer Pathways in Accounting, Business, Economics, History, Psychology, and Sociology; and there are more to come.  Students who complete a Transfer Pathway degree at ATCC are guaranteed junior status within the correlating bachelor's degree at Minnesota State's seven universities. This ensures all 60 college credits taken as part of the Transfer Pathway count toward the related bachelor's degree. There are no wasted credits, ensuring students a clear and precise education plan. More information about Transfer Pathways is available at

Transfer Pathways do not guarantee students admissions to any of the Minnesota State universities. They do, however, ensure students who meet admissions requirements into the universities and correlating degrees a junior-status upon acceptance. The Transfer Pathways are excellent additions to the college's transfer degrees. ATCC also offers the associate in arts degree (AA), which is still the most widely recognized transfer degree in higher education. Currently, ATCC also offers transfer degrees in Early Childhood Education, Law Enforcement, and Nursing. More information about all of ATCC's programs is available at

Alexandria Technical & Community College provides college planning, including transfer planning through its Transfer Advising Center. In order to ensure the best transfer experience, students should have an idea of what degree and university they want to transfer to after graduating from ATCC. The college's counseling, admissions, and advising staff help students establish plans that meet their goals. The Transfer Pathways are creating new opportunities for students to obtain their bachelor's degree in an economical and efficient way within the Minnesota State system. Transfer between institutions is growing, and ATCC continues to expand its transfer degrees to meet students' needs.