Senior College featured on MPR News

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On a recent Tuesday afternoon, a large lecture hall at Alexandria Technical and Community College was filling up quickly.

More than 220 people were filing in for a lecture. Jay Kulp, of Alexandria, Minn., sat in his favorite spot and pulled out a notebook and pen.

"This has been such a blessing to be able to come to Senior College because it's things I never would have studied in school and now I'm finding myself very interested in learning,” he said. 

When he was younger, he was more focused on finding a job and making a living. “But now I can concentrate on learning and broaden myself," he said.

The classroom was full of people from their 50s into 90s. They're all students in the school's Senior College — a lecture series for older adults in west-central Minnesota.

Students pay $110 for the 15-lecture fall or spring terms, or $50 for the shorter January term.

"The idea was really to have high-content lectures available to a senior population primarily, not exclusively,” said Amy Sunderland, director of the Senior College. She described a simple set of parameters for the program: “To have a variety of subjects and no demands of regular college enrollment like tests and prereading and that sort of thing."

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