Communication Art & Design students paint the town

Apr 1, 2020 | 9:31 AM

Heather, a first-year student in the ATCC Communication Art & Design program, found herself at home and a little restless. With spring break extended by two weeks, she spent some time on social media and spotted several posts of people cutting paper hearts to decorate their windows. This sparked an idea.

“I kept seeing people cutting paper hearts, and then I saw a family visiting grandma at a nursing home, and I thought I could do something,” she said.

Heather began gathering requests for inspiring artwork to be painted on windows and doors of businesses and residences across the community. The list grew rapidly, and she put out a call for additional artists to join the cause. Two classmates of Heather’s joined in – Izzy and Kaylee – along with several other artists from the area. In all, more than 50 businesses and homes received a splash of art.

The designs are painted on the outside of windows and doors using acrylic paint, so it was simple for Heather and her fellow artists to maintain social distance from the recipients.

With classes starting back up this week, the painting spring painting effort is coming to a close. Heather and her fellow artists were an inspiration to others, and she found herself inspired by the outpouring of love and support from the community. “So great to see so many lives being touched by these on-going efforts to ensure everyone in this community is taken care of and thought of. Such an outpouring of love! Such a joy to see and be a part of!”

To see more of this amazing art, visit the ATCC Facebook page.

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