Intercultural Club

Intercultural Club

The Intercultural Club meets bi-weekly to plan and organize events on campus and in the community. We discuss topics surrounding cultural inclusiveness, and socialize with other students on campus.

The ATCC Intercultural Club promotes activities and initiatives that are designed to:

  • Provide a connecting point for students of all cultural backgrounds
  • Provide a connecting point to the Inclusion Network
  • Provide a connecting point for community initiatives and organizations
  • Provide opportunities to meet people from other ATCC programs, cultures, and backgrounds.
  • Create intercultural understanding
  • Understand and celebrate diversity
  • Learn about traditions, beliefs, and lifestyle of different cultures
  • Promote an appreciation of cultural diversity and ethnicity on our campus and throughout the community

The club meets in the Intercultural Center.

Intercultural Club visiting Fort Alexandria at the Runestone Museum

Connecting to the Community through History

The Intercultural Club visited the Runestone Museum in Fall 2021. One of the students said, "The trip to the Runestone Museum really helped me. I struggle with my mental health and one way I cope is through history. This trip helped calm my anxiety and depression."

History connects past to present, and students to community.

Left to right: Zoe, Mykey, SK, Gideon, and Johnathan.

Get Involved with the Intercultural Center!

Volunteer Opportunities: Intercultural Fair, Heritage Month celebration, academic Spanish/English tutoring, and talent shows.

Work Study: (Especially for, but not limited to, students of color and diverse ethnic background.) The Intercultural Center will attempt to use work study students in several capacities: 1) staffing the center, 2) Spanish language assistance/tutoring, 3) assisting in the implementation of various intercultural activities.

Educational Services: Attend workshops, training forums, community presentations, community work.

Cultural & Educational Programs: You may have the opportunity to participate in forums, workshops, and celebration initiatives. We work to connect classes, students, and the community by celebrating heritage months.

Student Leadership Experiences: Intercultural Club, involvement in implementing various intercultural activities.

Community Resource Information: Provide opportunities referrals and opportunities that connect students with community organizations and activities.

Intercultural Library: Offering student referrals of intercultural material, limited collection of books pertaining to Spanish, Indian, African/American and Latino cultures.

To see who is involved in the club, meet the Intercultural Center staff.