Farm Business Management

This program enrolls farm business operators. It is designed to increase a farm business operator's knowledge and understanding of agricultural business principles for sound farm business management decision making.

Program Focus

The Farm Business Management program provides farmers educational instruction for improved record keeping, farm analysis, and cash flow monitoring. Enrollees focus on skill upgrading that involves strategic planning, management functions, and farm decision making. Enterprise farm business records are used to analyze the farm business with the goals of improving the business organization, efficiency, and profit making potential.

Qualifications and Delivery

On the farm, individualized instruction or meeting on campus are the primary delivery methods. Operators are typically located within one-hour of Alexandria and scheduled to meet one-on-one with the instructor several times a semester.


Enrollment is typically based on ten credits per year of tuition with no maximum number of enrollment years.

Program Instructor

The Farm Business Management program has been in existence at the Alexandria Technical & Community College since the early 1960's. Instructor Craig Will instructs farmers to know their business better and after analysis, make decisions that save money or yield higher profits.

Craig Will

Craig Will, Farm Business Management InstructorFarm Business Management Instructor