Thank you for visiting the Alexandria Technical & Community College Foundation Bookstore

BookstoreThe ATCC Foundation Bookstore provides textbooks for courses offered at Alexandria Technical & Community College or taught by ATCC instructors.

Textbooks for courses taught by a partner college can be purchased through partner college bookstore.

Textbooks: New vs Used

Textbooks are usually on the shelf three weeks prior to the start of a semester. Whenever possible, the option for used or new textbooks is offered. Purchasing books early ensures you will have the textbooks needed and provides better opportunities to purchase used.

Purchase Options

Students are responsible for the purchase of their books.

  • Access the Online Bookstore
  • Purchase direct from a staff member at the Bookstore
  • Cash, check, credit, and debit cards are accepted. The ATCC Bookstore accepts Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

An alternative to the above options is a book voucher. Book vouchers are available:

  • To all registered ATCC students for a limited timeframe each semester
  • When the voucher period is closed, students should be prepared to purchase textbooks by another payment method.

See more information about Book Vouchers.

Third Party Funding

Agencies such as CEP, DRS, JTPA, and VA are examples of outside funding sources. Students are responsible to work with their contact person at these agencies and the ATCC Business Office to ensure proper posting of their textbook purchases. Students also must bring an official class schedule and inform the staff at the Bookstore of their funding source at the time of purchasing their textbooks.

PSEO is a funding source for current high school students. Students are required to bring their official class schedule and inform the staff at the Bookstore when purchasing books that they are a PSEO student.

Regardless of how students choose to pay for their textbooks, they are encouraged to purchase textbooks for their Alexandria Technical & Community College courses at the ATCC Foundation Bookstore located in the main campus building, room 305 or online. Student ID and official schedule is required to efficiently assist in getting the right books.