Truck Weight Education

Each year, truck traffic is increasing in Minnesota. Recently new legislation has changed some long standing truck weight laws. Additional gross weights are possible for several commodities providing the trucks are configured correctly and the additional weight is authorized by the regulating road authority. The Minnesota Truck Weight Education Program addresses concerns from state, county, city, and township transportation authorities regarding damage from heavy trucks. Explanations are provided which explain road weights during various times of the year including the winter load increase and spring load restrictions. The program promotes voluntary compliance to reduce damage to public roads and highways from overweight vehicles. The goal is to provide information and explanations to attendees on how to haul the most legal weight, without violating the truck weight laws. How you configure your truck, with proper axle spacing, tire size makes a difference.

This training is free to interested individuals, but registration is required prior to training and class sizes are limited. Go to External Website: University of Minnesota - Minnesota Local Technical Assistance Program to find a list of class dates, locations, and to register.

Download the current Truck-Weight Education Training Brochure(PDF)


Contact Truck Weight Education:

Sandy Larson, Customized Training Coordinator
Direct: 320-762-4406