5.17 College-Sponsored Function Code of Ethics

The following list of rules and regulations are included in the college's code of ethics. All listed rules and regulations are to be adhered to by all students, faculty, and staff during any college-sponsored activity either on or off campus.

  1. Students and advisors should be prompt and prepared.
  2. Students and advisors should be financially prepared for all possibilities. All incidental costs (phone, movie charges, etc.) must be paid by them prior to leaving the hotel/resort.
  3. Students shall keep their advisors informed of their activities and whereabouts at all times.
  4. If a student fails to return to the departure location, a faculty member must remain at the site of the function until the student can be located and safely returned to Alexandria Technical & Community College.
  5. Any damage to any property or furnishings in the hotel/resort rooms or buildings must be paid for by the individuals who are registered to that room.
  6. Students and advisors shall attend all activities when participating in a college-sponsored function.
  7. All students and advisors should dress appropriately for the occasion.
  8. Illegal narcotics in any form shall not be possessed, present, consumed, or otherwise used by students or advisors at any time, under any conditions.
  9. Alcohol shall not be present or consumed during any official college-sponsored function. The entire trip, from the time of departure from the Alexandria Technical & Community College until the group returns to the college, is considered the official college-sponsored function.
  10. All students and advisors agree to comply with the Alexandria Technical & Community College Harassment/Violence Policy.
  11. Advisors will be responsible for monitoring their students' conduct.

Off-Campus Conduct

Alexandria Technical & Community College may hold students accountable for a violation of behavioral proscriptions contained in their Student Code of Conduct committed off campus when the violation is committed while participating in a college sanctioned or sponsored activity; or

  • the victim of a violation is a member of the college community; or
  • the violation constitutes a felony under state or federal law; or
  • the violation adversely affects the educational, research, or service functions of the college.

Violation Recourse

If the Alexandria Technical & Community College student or advisor violates the above Code of Ethics, he/she is aware that any single action, or combination of the following actions, will occur, but may not be limited to:

  • A discussion with his/her advisor, the Vice President of Student and Academic Affairs, and/or the Alexandria Technical & Community College president.
  • Being sent or taken back to Alexandria at the academic program's expense.
  • Being sent or taken back to Alexandria at the violator's expense.
  • Probation in the academic program.
  • Termination from the academic program.
  • Turned over to the local police authorities or hotel security personnel.
Approved by: ATCC Leadership Council
Effective Date: 2/12/07
Last Date Revised: 8/01/06