6.4.1 Key Policy

All College employees will be issued keys for the areas to which they are assigned or responsible. Employees may obtain an access card and/or keys for campus buildings. Employee ID access cards are issued through the Student IT Help Desk. Access to the campus facilities is programmed on to the access cards by the Safety Coordinator. Keys are obtained from the Facilities Office Specialist.

Keys and access cards are the property of Alexandria Technical & Community College (ATCC) and the key holders are subject to all applicable State Statutes in relationship to the misuse of State property. Keys and access cards are not to be loaned out, transferred or given possession to anyone else. Keys and access cards must not be used to provide unauthorized access to any ATCC facility or room for any person. Keys may not be copied. Lost access cards should be reported immediately to the Safety Coordinator.

Keys and access cards are issued to employees as a condition of their employment and when an employee terminates employment with ATCC, all keys and access cards must be returned immediately to the Facilities Office Specialist.

Approved by: ATCC Leadership Council
Effective Date: 2/08/10
Last Date Revised: 1/13/10