4.5.3 Student Drivers in School Vehicles

The following restrictions apply to any student, under any circumstance, driving school vehicles (i.e. student workers, field trips, conferences, pickups/deliveries, traveling to class work sites, etc.):

  1. Students may drive school vehicles when traveling with an employee of the ATCC. This means the employee is driving a second school vehicle to the same destination at the same time. Exception: When driving school vehicles to/from job sites or deliveries/pickups in Alexandria.
  2. Any student driving school vehicles must have a valid driver's license.
  3. Before any student will be allowed to drive a school vehicle, the student must provide their instructor or supervisor with a copy of their current driver’s license and/or complete a "Vehicle Use Agreement" form. ATCC will obtain a copy of his/her motor vehicle report from the appropriate state agency. The motor vehicle report must then be reviewed and approved by a designated college official before the student is authorized to drive a school vehicle.
  4. Students will be deemed eligible or ineligible to drive college vehicles based on the criteria listed at: http://www.finance.mnscu.edu/facilities/insurance-riskmgmt/docs/Fleet_Programs.pdf
  5. Students who plan to use a college vehicle must make this request by contacting the switchboard operator/receptionist. If all college vehicles are in use, priority will be given to those going on longer trips. All releases and/or requests concerning this topic should be directed to the switchboard operator/receptionist.
  6. Approval must be obtained from the college president or designee prior to the actual travel. Without such pre-approval, student drivers are strictly prohibited.
  7. Students must abide by all State and Federal motor vehicle laws.
  8. Students must abide by the policies and procedures listed in 4.5.1 College Vehicle Policy.
Approved by: ATCC Leadership Council
Effective Date: 12/22/08
Last Date Revised: 12/22/08