5.16 Telephone Policy and Procedures

The following describes the policies and procedures for the proper use of the equipment and its related activities.


All employees are required to be familiar with the features and functions of the phone system. All staff will review the features as explained in the Cisco IP Phone Guide. Questions concerning the phone system and its features should be referred to the telephone system administrator or a technical support person.

Voice Mail

All staff are expected to utilize the voice mail feature of the phone system. This is required to ensure all call messages are received. This will also help alleviate the need for handling messages through the main switchboard. All staff will ensure that the:

  • voicemail message is current and appropriate to the image of the college.
  • voicemail message is programmed appropriately during extended periods of absence such as during the summer months.
  • all messages received via voice mail are responded to in a timely manner.

Long Distance Phone and FAX Calls

Long distance/FAX calls are authorized for college business only. PERSONAL CALLS ARE NOT TO BE CHARGED TO THE COLLEGE. If in an emergency a personal long distance call needs to be made, the employee is expected to reimburse the college for the cost of the call, plus any related taxes. Specific policies relating to long distance/FAX calls are:

  • Only college staff are authorized to make long distance/FAX calls that will be charged to the college.
  • Students ARE NOT AUTHORIZED to make long distance/FAX calls.
  • Long distance/FAX calls for students seeking job placement will be handled through the Placement Office. The charge for these services will be posted in the Placement Office.
  • Collect calls to the college ARE NOT AUTHORIZED unless the staff person accepting the call has full knowledge of the intent of the call and that it is college related.
  • Charges for FAX documents to be sent by non-college staff will be posted in the President's Office.

All employees receive a monthly phone report that lists the long distance calls made from their extension. This report should be reviewed by the employee to ensure there are not unauthorized calls made from their phone.

Approved by: ATCC Leadership Council
Effective Date: 10/21/07
Last Date Revised: 10/21/07