Interested in ATCC but need some more information about the college's programs and services? Schedule a general campus tour. General campus tours are offered every Tuesday at 2:00pm. Tours start on time. Please plan to arrive 10 minutes early. Tours offer a comprehensive view of the campus and program majors.

General tours last approximately one hour and do not include:

  • Program visits
  • Admissions visits
  • Career or academic counseling

Some programs require a program visit prior to acceptance into the program/major. This may require a second campus visit if you choose to take a general campus tour.

Tour Registration

General Campus Tour

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**Requires a program visit prior to acceptance in the major. If you would like to schedule a program visit rather than a general campus tour, please call 320-762-4600.

Program Visit

Program visits are for high school seniors or older, who have selected a major. High school juniors and younger should choose a general tour. Program visits include an opportunity to meet program faculty, and learn about program specific learning and outcomes. In addition to viewing program classrooms and labs, visitors tour student services and campus resources. Visits conclude in the admissions office where visitors learn about the admissions process and other important information related to the ATCC experience.
** Please note, some programs require a program visit prior to acceptance in the program major. Visits may be scheduled before or after submission of an application for enrollment.

Career or Academic Counseling

Counseling services are available to assist you in making informed decisions regarding your academic and occupational future. Assess strengths, interests, and skills to help you find a career or choose a program major that is the right fit for you. Discuss potential academic barriers and gain assistance with academic goal setting to ensure your success.