Campus Security

Building Security

Staffed with a director and part-time evening security officers, our college provides security services and response during building operating hours.

Evening security officers monitor security, respond to security-related incidents, respond to incidents requiring first aid and/or CPR, perform routine safety and security inspections and monitor and act as a first-contact representative for Alexandria Technical & Community College to visitors, students and staff. They are charged with enforcing college policies as well as local and state laws where applicable, that occur on college property. Although evening security officers are not licensed police officers, they are empowered to make arrests pursuant to Minnesota Code Section 629.37 governing citizen's arrest. Security officers will coordinate investigation and enforcement with local law enforcement agencies.

ATCC's Safety Coordinator's office is located in room 108 of the Main Building. All security issues should be directed to this office by contacting the Coordinator at 320-762-4415.

Evening Security Officers

Evening security officers are located at the Main Campus and the Office and Information Technology Center from Monday through Thursday from 5:00 p.m. until the buildings close.

The officers at each location may be reached at the following phone numbers, during the following hours of operation:

Evening Security Officer Contact Information
Main Campus Building 320-304-14515:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Office and Info Tech Building320-304-14585:00 PM - 9:30 PM

Campus Access

Access to campus buildings after hours is only by authorized access control cards. Access to and the ability to remain on the college campus may be denied based on inappropriate behavior. ATCC's Security and Facilities Maintenance Departments are responsible for securing and locking campus buildings.

All students must leave ATCC campus buildings no later than the posted building closing time on days the buildings are open. No students should be in the buildings when the buildings are closed (holidays, weekends, etc.). Students are not allowed in classrooms without prior authorization from faculty or staff.

A security camera system is installed in various buildings throughout the campus to assist us in identifying suspects in reported cases of breaches of security. If you are aware of a security breach, contact the Director of Facilities Maintenance to review the videotape(s).


Students concerned about their personal safety may contact the evening security officers, at the phone numbers posted above, and request an escort to cars parked on campus property.