Area Childcare Providers Receive Heartfelt Gift

Apr 7, 2020 | 1:45 PM

It’s no secret that child care providers are critical to many families, and with providers across the state being asked to stay open to provide care to families (especially those of essential workers), ATCC Early Childhood Education instructor Rondi Wussow saw an opportunity to show these dedicated individuals how much they are appreciated.

“With the lack of cleaning supplies in stores, we knew providers would be having a hard time keeping supplies stocked for their businesses,” said Wussow. “We created baskets, each including bleach, paper towels, kids’ books, art and activity items, and a special gift for the provider.” Volunteers were coordinated to gather items, assemble the baskets, and deliver them.

More than 100 baskets were delivered to family child care providers in Douglas County.

Providers were all smiles upon receiving their gifts, and many had tears in their eyes when the delivery volunteer showed up on their doorstep. “One provider told me she was down to her last few drops of bleach and didn’t know how she was going to replenish it,” said Wussow. “We have a lot of connections to the providers in our county as so many open their doors to our current students for labs, practicums, and internships and they employ many of our graduates. They all have a special place in our hearts.”

As an instructor, Wussow makes a point of telling her students that community involvement is key. “In order to be the best teachers and caregivers they can be, students need to be involved in their community,” she said. “Doing this project with Helping Hands, and all of the other volunteers who helped, was a great example of this classroom lesson becoming reality in a big way.”

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