World Religions class visits Hindu Temple of Minnesota

Apr 19, 2022 | 7:58 AM
Students taking the Intro to World Religions course took a field trip to the Hindu Temple of Minnesota, followed by an authentic Indian meal. Funded by a grant from the Alexandria College Foundation, the field trip provided first-hand experience with cultural and religious diversity.

Christine Hollermann's Intro to World Religions class was awarded a grant from the Alexandria Technical & Community College Foundation for a tour of the Hindu Temple of Minnesota in Maple Grove, MN. Students were guided by a Hindu temple member, who explained the temple's history, the 21 mini temples held inside, and their symbolism. Students had the unique opportunity to ask questions about Hinduism from a Hindu priest as well. After the tour, we had lunch at an authentic Indian restaurant, exposing students to Hindu cuisine. This field trip provided first-hand experience with cultural and religious diversity, a main goal of ATCC's equity and diversity mission.

Each year the Alexandria College Foundation awards Excellence in Innovation grants to academic programs, college departments, and student groups, with the goal of funding projects that have the greatest outreach to students and those that keep programs current with industry technology and trends. This year the Foundation increased its funding amount, allowing all requests to be funded. The Hindu Temple field trip was one of seven funded projects this year.

"The Hindu temple field trip would not have been possible without the Foundation’s help," said Hollermann. "The grant allowed EVERY student in the class to have this unique opportunity. They did not have to worry about transportation or cost."

Students also enjoyed this unique educational experience:

“What a fun experience! I am so glad I got to experience the Hindu temple in person. And the food was fabulous!”

“I absolutely loved the trip. It was very educational and a lot of fun. Thank you for making this happen!”

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