Alexandria College hosts DECA event with the support of the community.

Feb 9, 2024 | 3:44 PM
Alexandria College hosted a local DECA Competition on January 25, 2024.

Alexandria College students and over 150 students from Alexandria Area High School competed on campus in business-related events.

DECA is an organization that prepares high school and college students for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality, and management.

“Competitions like this prepare students to compete at the state, national, and even international levels,” said Karen Meuwissen, Marketing and Sales Management instructor at Alexandria College. “The success, confidence, recognition, and awards that student earn in this program are crucial to their success in business careers.”

The local DECA competition was supported by Alexandria area businesses with volunteers from various organizations in the community.

“We had 40 business leaders take time off of work to come and judge the events,” said Meuwissen. “This allowed the students to network and learn from business professionals.”

The results of the Alexandria College local competition are:

Retail Management – section 1 

  1. Lucas Greenlum
  2. Eliana Oleson
  3. Grant Wiser

Finalists – Alyssa Scherping, Kelsey Compeau, and Brayden Larson 

Retail Management – section 2 

  1. Brennan Brecht
  2. Tyler Samuelson
  3. Brady Anderson

Finalists – Riley Enstad, Brandon Zins, and Kennedy Daniels 

Marketing Management – section 1 

  1. Carter Lang
  2. Gabe Hilbrands
  3. Abby Ruckheim

Finalists – Josh Garrison, Brooke Meyer, and Auggie Gulbrandson 

Marketing Management – section 2 

  1. Jack Larson
  2. Logan Biggar
  3. Grant Wiser

Finalists – Ben Lieser, Michael Cochran, and Grace Radniecki 

Marketing Management – section 3 

  1. 1st – Brady Anderson
  2. 2nd – Jackson Baker
  3. 3rd – Jennica Standafer

Finalists – Brady Book, Wyatt Harrom, and Isaiah Wagner 

Restaurant and Food Service Management – Section 1 

  1. Ruthie Mattson
  2. Sam Ripley
  3. Cody Sutherland

Finalists – Jalen Vorpahl, Madison Denk, and Sydney Zollman 

Restaurant and Food Service Management – Section 2 

  1. Brennan Brecht
  2. Aubrey Beving
  3. Dalton Peterson

Finalists – Kennedy Daniels, Kourtney Harms, and Lynn Deters 

Accounting – section 1 (1st Year Students) 

  1. Jon Hubred
  2. Bennet Arceneau
  3. Ty Fuoss

Finalists – Grace Gylsen, Alexander MacDonald, and Torry Kerfeld 

Accounting – section 2 (2nd Year Students) 

  1. Paige Prentice
  2. Brooklyn Bense
  3. Eli Biggers

Finalists – Lisa Weir, Karley Colberg, and Calvin Marty 

Human Resource Management – section 1 

  1. Jordan Paquette
  2. Tyler Samuelson
  3. Tyler Spaeth

Finalists – Ethan Frieler, Brayden Larson, and Nick Peterson 

Financial Statement Analysis – Section 1 (1st Year Students) 

  1. Jon Hubred and Asher Roell
  2. Bennet Arceneau and Auggie Gulbrandson
  3. Alexander MacDonald, Ty Fuoss and Olivia Erickson

Financial Statement Analysis – Section 2 (2nd Year Students) 

  1. Alexus Klimek and Olivia Kleinschmidt
  2. Abigail Paumen
  3. Paige Prentice and Trista Craig

Finalists – Karley Colberg and Tara Schleper, Eli Biggers and Ryan Manders 

Brooklyn Bense and Lisa Weir 

Business Ethics

  1. Logan Biggar and Jake Wagner
  2. Julia Robertson and Jennica Standafer
  3. Grace Herzog and Abbi Ruckheim

Finalists – Nevaeh Brovold and Grace Radniecki, Isaiah Wagner and Brandon Zins, Dalton Peterson and Cody Sutherland 

Sports and Entertainment Marketing – Section 1 

  1. Gunner Anderson and Neko Glaser
  2. Sebastian Centeno and Jannes Vroegindeweij
  3. Alex Boushek and Gabe Hilbrands

Finalists – Nick Peterson, Landon Guggenmos and Jalen Vorpahl, Maddox Mortenson and Carter Ruschmeier 

Sports and Entertainment Marketing – Section 2 

  1. Abigail Paumen and Kourtney Harms
  2. Wyatt Harrom and Wyatt Soupir
  3. Brady Book and Caleb Fraser

Finalists – Cody Bray, Ryan Kieke and Mason Qualley, Jason Garrison and Jack Larson 

Event Planning

  1. Luke McCoy and Sam Ripley
  2. Mackenzie Andreason and Eliana Oleson
  3. Maddie Olson and Jocelyn Frenzen

Finalists – Madison Denk and Ashton Lickness, Hailey Nathe and Jordan Paquette, Kelsey Compeau and Ajane Jefferson 

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